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Oke Oka Mata Full Song from Chakram Movie starring Baahubali Prabhas, Aasin. You must watch this sweet and memorable ever green classical love song. Truly Heart touching one. Super Lyrics by Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry. Extra ordinary back ground music. 

Produced under the Banner Geetha Chitra International, this movie is directed by Krishna Vamsi. 

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Music Directer : Chakri

Singer : Chakri

Coming to the story, Prabhas played the role of Chakram who is a foreign returnee and has a dream of building a hospital at Pulivendula. Asin (Lakshmi) is in love with Chakram, who is also his cousin.  This story all about why Chakram runs away from marriage hall, the reasons for his stay in “Sahara Colony”, how he solves the problems of the people residing in that colony, Charmy falling in love with chakram. In the end, it is found that the actor in the movie is suffering in blood cancer which founds out to be reason for running away from marriage hall. 

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