Weight Loss through MEDITERRANEAN DIET PYRAMID. I tried. Are you ready?

See the above picture Mediterranean
diet pyramid is the best that helps you to lose weight, and protects
you  from Cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases. 

For the third year in a row, the Mediterranean diet has been named the best diet overall in the U.S. News & World Report annual rankings.

A new study to be published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology suggests that eating habits based on the Mediterranean diet (fish, fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and olive oil), as well as lower consumption of dairy products and meat, could reduce the risk of graft failure.

Conducted by Dutch researchers from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, the research was based on data from questionnaires submitted to 632 adult kidney transplant patients whose donor kidney had been functioning for at least one year. The questions focused on diet, and participants’ responses were evaluated and given a score of up to nine.

“Increasing scientific evidence has demonstrated health benefits of the Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular and kidney health. In this study, we show that kidney transplant recipients with higher adherence to the Mediterranean diet are less likely to experience function loss of their kidney transplant,” concluded Dr. Gomes-Neto, who supervised the research.

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Under pressure to lose weight? Are you
willing to spend money on weight loss and nutrition programs to get in shape,
slim and healthy? Can you please follow this diet plan before opting those! Learn
how to lose belly fat. Adopt a healthy
lifestyle where you keep your diet in check and exercise on regular basis
rather than purely focussing on how to straightaway lose 5 pounds at a time,
which will not only strengthen the body but also have positive impacts on other
functions of the body. The key thing here is to live long and healthy.

Do you know Anant Ambani, son of Mukesh
Ambani. The diet plan, along with other suggestions from Rujuta Diwekar has
made Anant Ambani slimmer now
. She is now the number one dietitian in the
country and is making millions. What diet is she recommending to her clients?
Will her diet plan turn you into a slim if followed? There is much debate about
Rujuta Diwekar is now the number one dietitian
in the country. She became attentive in what her original diet was, as she
became an admirer to her diet.

Obesity is now a global problem. In the
cities, however, the situation is much worse, people being busy with their jobs
depending on junk food, which is responsible for gaining weight. Excessive
weight gain due to non-exercise is linked with BP-sugar – heart disease.
Obesity has become a major problem.
What is the real secret of this famous Dietitian
Rujitha Divekar who melted Ambani’s weight of 108 kg? The diet plan she
suggested has now become a hot topic of discussion.

These are the Diet Suggestions for those
who want to thin.
1. Avoid imported kiwi apple and eat
indigenous fruits such as mango, orange, grape, sapota and banana. It regulates
blood glucose and improves health.
2. In addition, use peanut, sesame,
coconut, mustard, olive and rice bran oils in cooking.
3. Drink crane juice quite often. It
releases toxins and cleanses the body. If there is no sugarcane juice is
available, at least eat their pieces.
4. Oats are good for the heart. Instead of
packing, take the natural ones outside and eat them. Do not eat oats and
biscuits. They are Danger to health.
5. Eating ghee lowers cholesterol. Therefore,
ghee should definitely be taken in the diet.
6. Do not drink fruit juices at all. The
juice does not absorb all the nutrients contained in the juice. Eating fruit
directly by chewing improves health.
7. Coconut should be used in your daily diet.
Idlis should be eaten with flavoured rice and coconut chutney. These will helps
in Weight Loss and make you slim.
8. Exercise regularly. If you do not want
to do vigorous exercises, then at least do the walking on a regular basis.
9. Usually eat white rice. Brown rice is
never good for health. Rice contains the minerals that our body needs. Rice can
also be eaten three times a day.
10. Do not eat packaged processed foods.
They increase body weight.
11. Try to eat the food that our elders
once ate. Try to eat that food at least once a day if you can’t.
12. The food you eat should not scare you.
The food you eat should make you feel better.
13. Don’t be afraid of how many calories
you eat. Look at how many nutrients you eat.
14. Avoid Stored Packed Food and Drinks.
15. Rice and chapati can be eaten either or
only rice or only chapatis. It’s up to you. Eat all three as you wish, without
fear of anything. Eat according to your appetite.
16. Eat according to season. During the
monsoon season, eat pakodis and jalebis. Because hunger depends on the season.
17. Do not drink tea in the morning. Also,
do not drink tea when you are very hungry. Drink tea with sugar two to three
times a day.
18. Do not drink green tea. Yellow tea and pink
tea too. Do not drink blue teas either. Stay away from them.
19. Don’t eat pizza, pasta, bread, biscuit,
and cakes at all. Avoid them like a plague.
20. Eat until you are hungry. Eat anything.
Whatever your stomach says, follow it.

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The leading dietician Rujuta Diwekar
suggests the above rules to her clients. She says dieting can help someone lose
weight easily.
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